More than the
sum of its parts

More than the
sum of its parts

Significantly reduce time and effort spent on development

You know best how your processes work, interrelate, and contribute to the success of your business.

German Edge Cloud offers you a framework with numerous tools and extension options to digitalize your processes and to map new use cases. In half the time!

From IoT to automation to the implementation of new ideas ā€“ the GEC framework accelerates your development, ensures basic quality requirements, and reduces the programming skills required.




Semantic Service Bus

Wondering how all your unique services and tools are supposed to work together? We have the answer!

  • Semantic description of the data
  • Automatic data structure transformation
  • Visible data flows 
  • Supports numerous protocols for integration
  • Cross-system security
  • Interoperability with a capital ā€œIā€

Analytics Platform

While traditional analytics projects require a lot of time to acquire and prepare data and face numerous technical challenges, our analytics platform provides all the necessary tools and technical frameworks to cut the time and effort spent on your analytics projects in half. 

  • Integration of numerous data science tools with your data
  • Ability to process, search, and analyze any amount of data (Big Data)
  • Separate from your production environment => analytics are not fed back to running systems
  • Useful functions for data preparation and analysis
  • Marketplace with pre-built analysis processes and procedures
    Also for Smart Factory Apps, Master Data, and Virtual Factory
Cloud Automation
Industrial Solutions
as a Service