The control center

The control center

Manage cloud and edge infrastructures easily

With the GEC Operations Center as a fully managed software, you can easily control your cloud or edge infrastructure from a single point. A browser-based user interface and a range of programmable interfaces (APIs) allow you to create and monitor containers, machines, applications, and more. You’ll find specific dashboards depending on the purpose. An easy-to-use user portal provides a project-based interface that can be easily customized to meet your business needs, such as team or customer mappings.

The Operations Center is the missing link of modern DevOps-driven software. On the one hand, software developers can connect their applications and services to the numerous interfaces of the Operations Center such as provisioning, health & monitoring, scaling, and metering. On the other hand, infrastructure providers can use it to easily map deployments of all sizes between local machines and multi-cloud environments. All of the functionality is contained in a simple user interface that provides both technicians and non-technical users with a catalog of all available services.

The Operations Center provides support for all German Edge Cloud solutions. It can run in the cloud as well as on the edge and thus also map multi-cloud scenarios. The solution supports various industry standards such as Kubernetes and OpenStack. Based on that, you can also perform VM deployments of cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, for example. Furthermore, the Operations Center is available on the edge cloud data center ONCITE and for the corresponding Industrial Solutions from GEC.

You can use the Operations Center to control operating systems, virtual machines, containers, networks and storage, backup and recovery, and even platform and Software-as-a-Service components such as databases, application servers, or AI pipelines.

The product takes advantage of modern approaches such as Infrastructure-as-Code, which means that all changes to your resources can be tracked at any time. Abstract infrastructure definitions are easy to adapt to your specific needs using templates.

Regardless of your target platform, you have a comprehensive insight into the KPIs and performance data of your resources at all times.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Centralized management of all GEC solutions
  • Automated scalability of resources 
  • Monitoring and alerting 
  • Multi-cloud capability
  • Fully-managed service incl. support
  • Open API
  • No vendor lock-in
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