Middleware &
Database Services.

Middleware &
Database Services.

German Edge Cloud Managed Middleware & Database Services. More time for the essentials.

In times of increasingly complex system and application landscapes, there are two options: You can continue expanding the resources of your own DevOps teams or sensibly relieve them of their duties by entrusting responsibility for the system environment to German Edge Cloud. German Edge Cloud believes in the second option and sees itself as a partner who can deliver your desired service, on time and hassle-free. And no need for your teams to worry about anything.

With German Edge Cloud, you decide whether you want our experts to manage a service or a full platform for you. For example, if you want to operate a website, we provide you with a web server, database, fileshare, and proxy – as single instances or as a cluster.

In short: You receive an access point and all the necessary data without any operation or maintenance worries.

The benefits at a glance

  • Use the services without having to worry about the doing
  • We take over the installation and maintenance of the services
  • Our portfolio is constantly being expanded and thus remains up to date
  • Standardized products – you always receive consistent quality
  • Always the latest versions
  • Services are thoroughly tested and optimized for performance and security
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability
  • Less operating and maintenance effort
  • Managed backup according to individual backup cycles 
  • Fully automated with Ansible and Terraform
  • Single and/or clustered instances
  • Full restore support in case of emergency

Our Managed Services
at a glance.

Load Balancer (cluster)

  • For distributing the workload over several backends
  • Assigning domains
  • TLS-offloading

Database (cluster)

Leave the management of your data to us. We offer

  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB
  • MySQL
  • Oracle

Fileshare (cluster)

  • For redundant storage of your data, e.g. for your website
  • A mounted NFS works in the background
  • With HDD and SSD (for higher write rates)

ELK Stack (cluster)


  • On a single instance or as cluster
  • Complete logging platform based on docker
  • Use beats to push your data into the stack
  • No longer need to read logs on the console



Webserver (cluster)

  • For publishing your website, stores, or other services
  • Ideally with underlying fileshare
  • Possible with PHP and other languages
  • Also directly with GIT

Docker Instance

  • A VM with a docker daemon
  • You will obtain rights in the docker group
  • Start, stop, and develop containers



Elasticsearch Cluster

  • Use Elasticsearch to store logs and other data
  • Use your own frontend
  • Fully encrypted and with authentication

Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket

  • Entire stack or individual applications
  • Work together on a board/project
  • Write documentation
  • Host your code


  • The self-hosted alternative to Slack
  • Compliant with GDPR
  • You will be assigned an admin user profile and can set up your colleagues on the system


  • Synchronize your local data with the cloud
  • Share data with colleagues, customers, and others
  • Install add-ons and expand your cloud


  • Host your code
  • Collaborate, document, and resolve issues
  • Automate your deployments with CI/CD

Mail Server

  • Null Client or full mail server
  • Based on Postfix or Mail-cow


  • As cache or database
  • Before services that receive a lot of data
  • As cluster with full encryption and authentication

TLS Certificates

  • All TLS certificates, including automatic renewal


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