Simple virtualization
becomes a reality.

Simple virtualization
becomes a reality.

VM as a Service: Cloud Infrastructure for Businesses of Any Size.

Our experts work with you to design your virtual environments. You are free to decide which of your virtual machines and workloads should be operated in GEC’s own data centers in Germany or in the public clouds of AWS and Azure. With the help of our GEC Operation Center, you can control, publish, monitor, and keep these workloads transparent.


With our self-hosted “VM as a Service” portfolio, you can choose between virtualization based on VMware or OpenStack.


You also have the option of distributing your virtual machines across our data centers to exploit the maximum potential for secure availability. We offer your critical IT systems additional protection in the shape of the latest carrier-grade firewall systems as well as integrated DDoS protection – also managed for you by the German Edge Cloud experts of course.



The advantages of German Edge Cloud – at a glance:

  • Managed platform – switch from physical to virtual servers
  • Simple and manageable technology stack with self-service and GUI
  • High availability thanks to certified data centers in Germany and multi-availability zone setup
  • Three independent locations in Frankfurt am Main
  • 24h snapshots of each VM included
  • Dedicated hypervisor or dedicated cluster possible
  • Integrated DDoS protection
  • Fully managed firewall from German Edge Cloud
  • Integration and connection of physical servers and sites
  • Hosted, developed, and operated from within Germany

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German Edge Cloud answers
frequently asked questions about VM as a Service.

When is OpenStack the right technology for me?

Using automation and scalability, cloud and virtualization technologies make it possible to transform in-house IT processes from long-term infrastructure projects into agile tools that add real value. This is useful wherever both time-to-delivery and the ability to quickly adapt to new market conditions are required. OpenStack is a proven technology that is used worldwide in science and industry.


What is orchestration?

When we formally describe and manage complex IT landscapes and build and maintain them with tools like Terraform and Ansible, we call it orchestration. And just like with an orchestra, we keep control over what happens – we can check the target state, compare it with the actual state, and take corrective action if necessary.


Do I have control over where my virtual machines run in the German Edge Cloud data centers?

Yes, we distribute the virtual systems either according to your wishes or so that your services are available at all times, taking into account high availability.


Do I have my own network environment or am I on a shared network?

Our cloud platforms are separated by VLANs and are located on a shared network stack. However, a fully dedicated network including a fully dedicated appliance is also possible on request – we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

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