GEC IIoT Platform.

GEC IIoT Platform.

The GEC IIoT Platform

The GEC IIoT platform provides everything you need for your Smart Factory, including customized managed GEC platform services as well as tailored industrial applications, and an optimized cloud-based IIoT stack. ONCITE enables data integration, aggregation, harmonization, analysis, and visualization and forms the basis for data-driven production optimization (data-driven automation).


Maximum scalability thanks to managed cloud services

The GEC platform also forms the architecture for the edge cloud infrastructure, i.e. for Edge IT As A Service in ONCITE. This gives users full local access to Kubernetes-based infrastructure, storage, and software, all as a service. Via an Integrated Operations Center, you can orchestrate and manage the GEC platform services in ONCITE and decide which processes and data should additionally be processed via an external cloud platform, or which services from an external cloud should be used.

The symbiosis of edge and cloud in a highly scalable multi and/or hybrid cloud scenario makes the use of ONCITE extremely valuable and takes the digital maturity of your production to a new level.

The entire infrastructure including the application software is cloud-native.


  • Fast, easy networking of all machines, devices, and systems
    - We use relevant industry standards to integrate the processes
  • Low-code framework for the digitalization of custom-fit processes
  • Effective control of your production and effective data analytics despite ever-growing data streams
  • Kubernetes-based infrastructure (CaaS) with IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers

  • Access to high-performance industrial applications (with state-of-the-art container technology)
    - smart MOM, industrial analytics, digital twin etc.
    - Fast integration of own tools
  • Highly scalable hybrid and multi cloud operation (from the edge to the cloud) 
  • GDPR-compliant data storage
  • Unrestricted data ownership and data sovereignty


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