Edge Appliance

Edge Appliance

Edge and Cloud Perfectly Combined

In manufacturing, the real-time collection, evaluation, and analysis of data from constantly growing data sources such as machines, devices, and products are becoming increasingly important. Ever since the arrival of Industry 4.0, companies have recognized the potential that lies in their factories. But how can they unearth this treasure when IT workloads and costs have to be reduced at the same time? The answer: Hardware and software solutions that enable digitalization, suitable interfaces for data collection that comply with applicable IT security requirements, and expert knowledge of digitalization, IIoT, cloud computing, and production automation. 

With the first cloud-based industrial edge appliance on the market, you can master these challenges at the push of a button. To help you do this, we have combined the expert knowledge from our Cloud Automation and Industrial Solutions divisions to create a single solution system. Our approach encompasses the operation of edge cloud and cloud-based infrastructure solutions in the manufacturing industry, together with a powerful IIoT platform. We also offer customized industrial applications for optimizing shop floor management, including the integration of partner solutions and customer applications.

ONCITE – The Industrial Edge Appliance


Operations Center

Management and operation of SaaS and PaaS components including CaaS- and IaaS-specific KPIs on ONCITE hardware as well as via hybrid scenarios.


Platform Services

Provision of PaaS and CaaS components for running managed SaaS on different providers such as AWS, Azure, and Opensource K8S.


Platform Solution Services

IIoT-Based smart MOM

Microservice-based applications for advanced planning and control of manufacturing processes, for smart production based on state-of-the-art technologies


GEC Platform (IIoT Platform)

Integration of microservice-based applications, intelligent connectivity, digitalization of processes and data streams for a smart factory


Virtual Factory/Digital Twin

Scalable 2D/3D monitoring and control of processes (SCADA), including IIoT-based real-time status monitoring (digital twin/AR)


Multi-Cloud Management

Tailored, scalable use of all cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, CaaS, IaaS) both on the edge and via multi/hybrid cloud


Managed Service

Provision of services and securing of operations for hardware, platform, application software, and cloud management for maximum availability and data security




With our approach, you can not only easily decide which manufacturing data and processes you want to process locally or in the cloud, you also receive the complete hardware infrastructure you need to do so, including tailored, relevant microservice-based software solutions, in a single system. As an industrial edge appliance, ONCITE thus offers all the industrial hardware, platform, and software services required – ALL IN ONE.

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