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powered by IBM

Industrial edge computing on the shop floor

With “ONCITE powered by IBM”, German Edge Cloud and IBM solve the digitalization requirements of the manufacturing industry by providing relevant shop floor functions as an all-in-one hybrid cloud solution – with guaranteed data sovereignty. The fast and simple implementation of data-driven shop floor applications with data sovereignty is currently one of the greatest challenges in the manufacturing industry.

The Industrial Edge Appliance “ONCITE powered by IBM” includes components from the IBM Cloud Paks, based on the IBM Hybrid Cloud Platform with Red Hat OpenShift. With this package of hardware, software, and application management services, manufacturing companies, OEM manufacturers, and suppliers can quickly and easily digitalize processes in their manufacturing operations, even if they have few resources and little expertise of their own in this area. The solution can be quickly implemented and flexibly integrated into all management levels of production.

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GEC provides a smart and secure local network connection. Added to this is the high-performance and industrially robust technology of IT infrastructure specialist Rittal. In addition, with its built-in “Smart Manufacturing Operations Management” (smart MOM) and the GEC Analytics platform, GEC enables the visualization and “near real-time” analysis of production data from all sources.

For this visualization to succeed, all relevant data is brought together in near real-time – along the entire automation pyramid of manufacturing: from the factory’s local IT systems such as ERP at the top, and PLM, MES, and SCADA, to the sensors and actuators of the processing machines at the bottom. The modules from the IBM Cloud Paks also enable OT IT integration.

The solution runs on Red Hat OpenShift, which means that not only the components provided by GEC and IBM, but also other partner solutions run as the new production IT system in a modern container, automation, or virtualized environment. This gives you the option of running your applications locally or in the cloud environment – the big advantage of a hybrid cloud environment.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Modernization of the IT system with an all-in-one solution
  • Fast and easy implementation of data-driven shop floor applications  
  • Guaranteed data sovereignty
  • Intelligent analysis and sustainable, cost-effective processing of production data

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