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ONCITE: An intelligent technology and infrastructure platform

ONCITE is a cloud-native, highly scalable technology and infrastructure platform. It can be deployed on the edge as well as on the cloud and allows the flexible integration of other cloud platforms (distributed cloud management) for tailored hybrid and multi cloud scenarios. The underlying framework is a platform-independent Kubernetes-based architecture (IaaS), plus PaaS and an Operation Center. In combination with an equally scalable hardware/software infrastructure (SaaS), as well as an industrial IoT stack, ONCITE is the basis for our industrial edge appliance “ONCITE INDUSTRIAL”.


Increase the production efficiency...

...of the existing value chain model


Enhance the variability and flexibility...

...of the respective production system or manufacturing logistics 


Develop new business models...

...using the increased amount of data


Restrict investment and costs...

...to user-centered, tailor-made requirements


Stay flexible, react quickly to market changes

This German Edge Cloud solution from a single provider is data-sovereign, cloud platform-independent, real-time capable and supports future technologies such as 5G. Thanks to its high flexibility, modularity, and scalability, you gain entirely new degrees of freedom and speed – essential in order to stay competitive in today’s world.

  • Real-time-capable industrial IIoT applications
  • IIoT platform
  • Edge and multi-cloud management
  • Managed service

Intelligent architecture, infrastructure, and industrial application software

ONCITE enables flexibly scalable edge computing via a real-time management platform. The underlying basis is a platform-independent Kubernetes-based architecture and hardware/software infrastructure that provides scalable technology for the integrated IIoT platform (GEC platform). In this context, data generated specifically in production, for example, is processed and stored locally in ONCITE within seconds, and any desired data exchange with a public cloud is supported. ONCITE is thus also a basic platform for hybrid and multi cloud management. It enables new tools to be integrated quickly, data to be exchanged securely and confidently, and processes to be adapted rapidly.

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The mini data center includes a state-of-the-art hardware infrastructure and provides a platform for both industrial and custom applications. Everything can be fully managed by GEC.

ONCITE and the platform are scalable and can be used to develop industrial edge and fog computing applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) with minimal effort. For the interoperability and connectivity of devices and systems that are so important today, the standard solution offers a strong and open integration platform with various communication protocols, technologies, gateways, and adapters from the IIoT and industrial sector.

For you, the customer of our PaaS and SaaS services, this produces the following benefits: You do not have to worry about any infrastructures, installation work, or operation when using your applications, similarly to cloud services.


ONCITE at a glance:

Platform-independent development

Based on open source, K8s or hyperscaler Kubernetes expressions (e.g. AWS Outposts, Microsoft AZURE Stack, RedHat OpenShift etc.).



Centralized authentication with the support of a single sign-on mechanism allows the design of seamlessly networked SaaS applications. Rights and roles are managed via central authentication.



In the PaaS model, ONCITE supports different levels of persistence for storing data. Depending on the purpose of the application, the application can use SQL or NoSQL-based storage systems.  


Basis for all-in-one solution

ONCITE can be combined with IIoT software solutions and an edge ecosystem from German Edge Cloud, creating an intelligent solution for industry: ONCITE INDUSTRIAL


The ONCITEs are networked and monitored through GEC’s Operations Center.

When combined with our IIoT software solutions, ONCITE becomes an intelligent
all-in-one solution for your specific industrial needs. It’s a practical introduction
to Industry 4.0 – and comes with a 24/7 managed IT service.

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Overview of our other products


Operations Center

Networking and monitoring of ONCITEs via the GEC Operations Center.


IIoT Software

Rapidly deployable, scalable IIoT software solutions for optimizing factory processes and more.


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