More speed. More security.
More flexibility.
ONCITE Factory Edge.

More speed. More security.
More flexibility.
ONCITE Factory Edge.

ONCITE Factory Edge: 
Foundation for the digitalisation of your production

Adaptability ensures competitiveness. With the right digitalisation solutions, you can increase agility in your factory and very quickly add significant value.

The ONCITE Factory Edge provides you with the scalable hardware infrastructure you need to deploy and execute industry-oriented solutions. With its state-of-the-art cloud and edge computing technologies, it’s the ideal platform for orchestrating both the ONCITE Industrial Suite and factory-specific legacy applications. In addition, the ONCITE Factory Edge allows you to quickly access computing resources and collect, analyse and exploit data on site.

Scalable computing power directly at the source

Digitalisation in the factory starts at the edge. As automation continues to advance and the amount of data to grow, issues of data security and shortened processing times (reduced latencies) are coming into ever greater focus. Existing heterogeneous IT architectures are usually installed centrally and therefore only partially able to support the extended requirements and possibilities in production in terms of flexibility, speed and scalability.

The ONCITE Factory Edge, is installed on premises and provides all necessary resources to run the ONCITE Industrial Suite and any other applications. The hardware of the ONCITE Factory Edge is specially designed for operation under harsh production conditions. Your data remains on-site and is processed near real-time. This guarantees maximum data security, highest availability and shortest response times. This allows you to generate significantly more and better knowledge from your data in order to make more informed decisions.


ONCITE Factory Edge

  • Rittal Enclosure technology – specially designed for challenging factory parameters
    (temperature, vibration, dust, access protection, etc.)
  • Cloud-native container-as-a-service platform
    (Red Hat OpenShift)
  • Scalable, highly available hardware infrastructure

Your advantages:

  • Plug & produce factory edge designed for industry requirements
  • No configuration of IaaS, CaaS and PaaS services required
  • Cloud-native, scalable provision of computing power, storage and application software on the factory edge

  • Fast, secure data processing on site (low latencies, low bandwidths)
  • Maximum data superiority and security, as data is stored and processed in the factory
  • Scalability thanks to the integration of cloud services (hybrid cloud) for back-up and recovery

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