Shape the future.
ONCITE Industrial Suite.

Shape the future.
ONCITE Industrial Suite.

Cloud-native software applications for adaptable production

Powerful cloud-native software applications for the factory

Today’s factory adapts quickly to new circumstances. With the cloud-native software applications of the ONCITE Industrial Suite, which are orchestrated using plug & produce on the ONCITE Factory Edge, you build the functional basis for a digital, variant-rich, agile and adaptable production. The solutions help you achieve more flexibility, transparency and efficiency in your production.

Take shop floor process management and automation to a new level. Data collection and management allow you to exploit optimisation potential that was not visible before. Machines become more efficient, machine status can be monitored more comprehensively, and unplanned downtimes are avoided. Use the possibilities of the online validation of production and process data to significantly increase your product quality.  

Take a crucial step to achieving
your competitive edge:

Increase output

Establish intelligent processes for more efficiency and greater plant availability

Optimise quality

Ensure comprehensive production documentation

Avoid errors/downtime

Create production transparency and make fact-based decisions


Increase flexibility

Respond quickly to market changes with scalable and modular applications

Optimise intralogistics

Use integrated intralogistics for greater productivity and delivery reliability in your factory 

Fine-tune your data management

Manage data better and more securely


Networking, digitalisation and effective production management

Maximum efficiency through data-driven production optimisation

The ONCITE Industrial Suite allows you to digitalise data flows and processes – and to benefit from a high level of production transparency. With the maximum amount of data and the resulting knowledge as well as intelligent production management, you can optimise your production along the entire value chain.  

Integration Service

  • Networking of the systems
  • Low-code framework
  • Digitization of data streams and processes

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Virtual Factory

  • Visualize near real-time operations
  • Avoid collisions with real-time simulation 
  • Detect anomalies in near real time 

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smart MOM

  • Digitize production
  • Plan/control production
  • Data-driven production optimization

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Industrial IoT

  • Create maximum transparency
  • Generate knowledge from data
  • Make fact-based decisions

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Integration services

Drive digital transformation at a rapid pace

In the intelligent production facility of the future, all units such as machines, IoT devices and IT systems are connected to each other. State-of-the-art integration services and IIoT technology platforms such as those built into the ONCITEDPS are essential for digital transformation. They therefore comply with all relevant industry standards (such as MQTT, OPC-UA, Modbus, Kafka, etc.) and also feature the necessary adapters for the integration of existing IT/OT systems. Using a low-code platform, you can accurately digitalise data streams and processes, harmonise and prepare data and make it available for further processing.

  • Integration (machines, plants, devices, IT/OT systems)
  • API management
  • Process automation/digitalisation
  • Application development
  • Low-code editor

Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities of our scalable integration services.


Low-Code Framework

Digitalise processes without programming

Making your existing IT systems more flexible and harmonising them is easy thanks to the low-code framework of the ONCITEDPS integration service. The graphical user interface allows you to digitalise processes and data streams without programming. You can also use the model-based low-code method to integrate systems, devices and machines. In future, you will be able to react quickly and flexibly to changes, develop standard workflows using BPMN™ 2.0 and execute them immediately.

Utilise standardised software modules or processes that have already been fully developed for further use in new user-centric tasks. It’s never been easier: develop processes at breathtaking speed using drag & drop and check their functionality straight away using the integrated debugger.

Agile – flexible – fast – error-free

  • Manual, event- or time-controlled process execution
  • Benefit from access to numerous industry standards
  • Can also be used for ETL tasks
  • Incl. integrated debugger
  • Transform data model graphically

Virtual Factory

Maximise production transparency

Use the cloud-native software application ‘Virtual Factory’ in the ONCITE Industrial Suite to create the basis for your smart factory! State-of-the-art 3D visualisation of the real factory provides transparency and helps you plan ahead. Convenient tools and interfaces in the integration service enable fast virtual factory mapping. Highly integrated data management allows real production data to be quickly visualised and evaluated in near real time on 3D illustrations, giving you valuable insights into your factory and helping you to see potential for optimisation. You can also test the effects of new processes, machines or systems before they go into real operation, ensuring error minimisation and maximum efficiency.

  • 2D/3D visualisation using the ONCITE Industrial Suite
  • Fast visualisation of smartMOM and IIoT data
  • GUI editor for creating online dashboards
  • Production site visualisation (top-down view)
  • Drill-down functionality and walk-through option
  • Interfaces to smartMOM data objects

smart MOM

Production management with IIoT possibilities:
MES + IIoT = smart MOM

ONCITE smartMOM is a sophisticated production management system which combines IIoT with the solution modules of an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to form a MOM (Manufacturing Operation Management) system.

At its heart is a cloud-native software application specially designed for industry, which provides all the relevant production and process data in a structured and standardised form via REST API. Data collection and management allow you to exploit optimisation potential that was not transparent before. Machines become more efficient, machine status can be monitored more comprehensively, and unplanned downtimes are avoided. Use the possibilities of the IIoT-supported online validation of production and process data to significantly increase your product quality.  



Industrial IoT

Create maximum production transparency

Increase your production efficiency through maximum production transparency. Data in data silos is of little help here. Consolidated data with the right correlations not only creates maximum production transparency, but also shows the effects of changing production situations in near real time, enabling you to draw the correct conclusions and make fact-based decisions.

Intelligent algorithms and state-of-the-art data analytics tools such as those offered by the ONCITE Industrial Suite give you a detailed overview of your production data, allowing you to create aggregated data views and helping you detect even the smallest anomalies – so you can react before major problems arise. This data-driven approach also helps you to avoid machine downtimes and optimise your production processes, quality and efficiency.


Energy Monitoring

Energy efficiency in manufacturing will become one of the most important competitive factors for the industry in the future. If you keep track of your power consumption and visualize the power curves in correlation to the production processes and other environmental parameters, you can identify valuable potentials where and how energy (electricity, gas, etc.) can be saved.

Thanks to the data analysis and software applications of the ONCITE Digital Production System (DPS), such savings potentials can be displayed quickly and tangibly. Based on the ONCITE Virtual Factory (the digital twin of manufacturing), energy consumption of production facilities can be visualized effectively and quickly in near real time and thus revealing and highlighting possible savings potentials. This allows production managers and specialists to gain special insight into how energy requirements behave in the ongoing production process, visualize them and relate them to other environmental parameters for analysis.



Added value and benefits


  • Fast networking of all plants, devices and IT systems
  • Maximum transparency and production monitoring
  • Visualise production status in near real time
  • Maximum data security and sovereignty
  • Generation of knowledge from data for fact-based decisions

Production management

  • Early identification of production problems
  • Data-driven, problem-centred production optimisation
  • Consistent improvement in product quality
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased output/OEE
  • Leverage optimisation potential

ONCITE Industrial Suite – perfect for use in the brownfield

The cloud-native industrial applications in the ONCITE Industrial Suite help you meet your requirements as needed, particularly in established structures. We take into account the fact that many factories use existing IT solutions (such as MES) which work extremely well and should continue to be used. We also support you with an effective migration concept. On the one hand, this allows you to install the ONCITE solution concept alongside your existing IT/OT infrastructures and, on the other hand, to benefit from the advantages of the ONCITE Industrial Suite as you go.


  • ONCITE DPS in coexistence with MES
  • Mixed operation on the edge and cloud possible
  • Gradual migration of customer MES to IIoT and/or cloud platform


  • Digitisation of customer-specific processes (not in the core MES). Integration Service accelerates the transformation of new processes
  • Fast shop floor networking via industry standards

Industrial Suite
Virtual Factory

  • Customised user-centred solutions
  • Managed multi-cloud services
  • Near real-time data processing
  • Virtualisation of the real factory (digital twin)
  • Data Driven Automation




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