Data creates knowledge,
knowledge creates intelligence –
the smart factory.

Data creates knowledge,
knowledge creates intelligence –
the smart factory.

The smart factory of the future

Much more than automated production

It is highly networked, intelligent, adaptable, customer-oriented and (energy)-efficient. The key to achieving many of these goals is data, which must be turned into valuable information, and thus into useful knowledge – securely, quickly, effectively and validly – creating transparency that enables new insights. These will allow you to uncover further optimisation potential for your smart factory, automatically generate fact-based recommendations for action, use data to streamline your production and ultimately to generate significant added value – a crucial foundation for the smart factory.

The ONCITE Digital Production System gives you a scalable product for digitalisation that has been specially developed for the manufacturing industry using the latest cloud and edge computing technologies – for the smart factory of the future.

Discover the ONCITE Digital Production System interactively!

With the power of data and innovative solution technologies, we create a new maximum of transparency on the shopfloor.

Learn more about the possibilities of the ONCITE DPS in our Interactive 3D Product Presentation.

Open 3D view


Aims and characteristics of a smart factory

  • Self-optimising manufacturing processes
  • Increased productivity/OEE and overall production efficiency
  • Maximum flexibility and adaptability in production
  • Rapid adaptation to new or changed product/market requirements
  • Comprehensive production documentation for higher product quality and better traceability
  • High transparency and a fine-grained view for quick detection of problems/anomalies
  • Low latencies for near real-time scenarios
  • Reduction of material and warehousing costs through optimised intra- and inter-logistics
  • Minimisation of production costs through continuously improved machine utilisation and prevention of waste
  • Improved sustainability and CO2 footprint
  • Secured communication and data sovereignty across company boundaries




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