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Whether in the manufacturing industry or the public sector – the potential applications of German Edge Cloud solutions are many and varied.

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Open IT test environment at Fraunhofer Institute for Research and Industry

The Fraunhofer IPT and research partner German Edge Cloud are jointly developing the prototype of a scalable edge cloud environment for research and industry. The networking of production facilities and IT for the use of big-data solutions requires companies to invest a great deal of resources and technical expertise. Therefore, we are implementing an open test environment for research and industry in Aachen which enables the testing of concepts for digitalized production in practice and will soon be implemented on an industrial scale.

Edge cloud systems, which combine the advantages of a cloud with the data security of a company’s own network, are particularly well suited for machine and process monitoring procedures as well as for the subsequent optimization of production. Intelligent sensor technology, tools for analyzing the (usually very large) amounts of data obtained by this technology, and even machine learning applications can be connected locally to the company IT in a comparatively cost-effective manner. 

In the next step, the concept of Fraunhofer IPT and German Edge Cloud is set to be tested by other partners inside and outside the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and will serve as a blueprint for industrial applications, for example in production or the energy sector.

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