Reliable and safe.

Reliable and safe.

Cloud infrastructure from Germany. Certified and triple-redundant in the core data center of German Edge Cloud.

Cloud computing helps you avoid major investments in hardware and infrastructure as well as the massive administrative effort involved in operation. With cloud computing, the IT infrastructure can grow with your business and in real time – thanks to virtually unlimited scalability.

Choosing the right cloud infrastructure brings new business benefits and must be carefully considered: The availability and success of your web application, and also the security and sovereignty of your stored data depend on the cloud infrastructure.

With the German Edge Cloud Core in Frankfurt, you can rely on three highly available, independent, and redundant Tier III data centers that meet the strict requirements of German law (e.g. ISO 27001 certificate). In addition, the Frankfurt location offers unique connectivity, as it is also home to the core infrastructure of the world’s largest Internet Exchange (DE-CIX).


Good reasons to choose the cloud
infrastructure of German Edge Cloud.

At a glance

  • Three separate data center locations in Frankfurt

  • External auditing possible

  • Compliant with GDPR and ISO 27001

  • Tested and reliable technology according to German standards

  • Tier III with expected availability of 99.982%

  • Maximum security requirements: including physical security through a 7-stage security system and standardized operating processes to supplement technical system redundancy

  • Cost-effective cloud connects or connections to DE-CIX

  • Continuous increase in energy efficiency

  • Significant cost savings in operations and increased employee efficiency


For decision makers

  • Significant cost savings in operations and increased employee efficiency

  • External auditing possible

  • Compliant with GDPR and ISO 27001

  • Standardized security processes and a 7-stage security system, for example, secure the rental areas and technical operations

  • Standardized operating processes complement technical system redundancy

  • Risk management for all critical processes

  • Dual control principle for all critical and safety-relevant processes to ensure maximum reliability

  • Continuous increase in energy efficiency


For engineers

  • Three separate data center locations in Frankfurt

  • Direct, redundant connection between data centers

  • German Edge Cloud operates its own crossing-free dark fiber lines

  • Cost-effective cloud connects or connections to DE-CIX

  • Cross connects are implemented on dedicated, redundant routes

  • Redundant power and emergency power supply

  • Quorum formation on application levels over 3 different sites


Externally auditable data centers. An extra level of IT compliance.

Unlike the large US providers, for example, German Edge Cloud allows you to have data centers physically subjected to an IT audit. This also means that your external service providers, who carry out the IT audit for you, will be given access to the data centers after the appropriate examination.

With this service, German Edge Cloud supports you in proving the confidentiality, completeness, integrity, and availability of your data and thus taking a big step forward, toward compliant annual financial statements, for example.

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The ultimate in security, even for cloud platforms: 
PaaS solutions from German Edge Cloud strive for C5 security.

The complex C5 certification includes technical and organizational measures for the design of secure and particularly audit-proof business processes. German Edge Cloud is one of the few German cloud service providers to ensure that highly confidential data is available at all times, but also secure, in accordance with the BSI requirements catalog.


German Edge Cloud answers frequently
asked questions about cloud infrastructure.

By choosing a German cloud service provider such as German Edge Cloud, in most cases you are taking the security of your data to a whole new level. Security threats are increasing. For companies with their own monolithic infrastructure, keeping on top of them takes enormous effort. With ISO 27001-certified data centers in Germany, every customer benefits from a level of security that they would not be able to afford on their own.

What is Tier III?

Tiers are standardized classification levels for data centers. They range from Tier I (simple) to Tier IV (highly complex). Tier III is the international standard that has become established among professional cloud providers. The maximum downtime (calculated over an average of 5 years) is 1.6 hours per year, since most maintenance can be carried out in the Tier III data center during operation.


What does ISO 27001 certification mean?

This is a certification in information security and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition to the information security management system (ISMS), ISO 27001 is concerned with the analysis and handling of information security risks. With this certification, you can prove to your customers and business partners that you comply with IT security requirements to ISO standard – even more reasons for them to trust you!


Why three data centers?

Technical systems can be set up and distributed in such a way that three instances map a service – a so-called quorum. These instances monitor each other and react to each other’s changes. To make a decision, at least two of three systems must always agree. With architectures like these, DR concepts are already included when your application is being built. A worst-case scenario, such as the loss of an entire data center, is therefore no longer a problem!


Why cloud infrastructure from German Edge Cloud and not from one of the US vendors?

The reasons for this are various and also depend heavily on your specific use case. In general, however, there are three main reasons why you should choose German Edge Cloud:

  1. Compliance experience: Since 2012, we have been serving customers from the data-sensitive environments of banks, insurance companies, and the public sector. We know that IT infrastructure can make a crucial contribution to achieving compliance goals. Based on this knowledge, we have designed the cloud infrastructure and supplemented it with special services such as external auditability.
  2. External auditability: Your auditors will have access to our data centers to perform the audit for you, something that is almost unthinkable with US vendors.
  3. Full commitment: The acclaimed German Edge Cloud experts are personally available for you. From planning your cloud solution and the required infrastructure to operating the cloud platforms and managed services. On request, even 24/7, and regardless of the company size.
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