Together successful.

Together successful.

Our Memberships



A European IT initiative for data sovereignty

GAIA-X is a major European digital project aimed at strengthening Europe’s position in international competition. The goal is to establish a European data infrastructure for the secure digitalization and networking of industry, finance, and healthcare, and as a basis for the use of new applications with artificial intelligence (AI). Professor Friedhelm Loh, owner and chairman of the Friedhelm Loh Group, was one of the co-founders of this major European project, which was launched last autumn by Peter Altmaier, Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy. As a subsidiary of the Friedhelm Loh Group, German Edge Cloud is one of the founding members of the GAIA-X Foundation.

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Research and education

International Center for Networked, Adaptive Production (ICNAP)

ICNAP is an international community founded by Fraunhofer for the development of applications and technologies in Industry 4.0.

Your benefits:

  • Sharing of experience and practical examples of how digitalization can be implemented in companies, from data acquisition and analysis to adaptive production control
  • Exchanging of knowledge with companies from different industries and with different industry 4.0 maturity levels
  • Support in finding the right partner to create a networked and adaptive Industry 4.0 production facility

We work together with the following Fraunhofer Institutes:

  • IOSB - Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation
  • ISST - Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering
  • IPT - Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT
  • FOKUS - Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems
Open Source Associations

CNCF – Cloud Native Computing Foundation

German Edge Cloud is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Like other well-known companies, German Edge Cloud is committed to the CNCF’s goal of promoting open source software in the development of cloud native applications.

Your benefits:

  • Knowledge advantage through committee work

  • Early recognition and implementation of technical trends


SmartFactory KL e.V.

The technology initiative SmartFactory KL e.V. was founded in 2005. It brings together participants from industry and research in an Industry 4.0 network to carry out joint projects for the factory of the future.

Your benefits:

  • Transfer of know-how about the latest innovations in the industrial sector

  • Possibility of conducting joint research and development projects

  • Use and testing of the latest information and communication technologies in realistic industrial production environments


Smart Electronic Factory (SEF)

The Smart Electronic Factory e.V. is an Industry 4.0 information and demonstration platform. The association’s objective is to implement Industry 4.0 scenarios in companies’ actual production facilities. Various software and hardware manufacturers as well as university institutions are involved in implementing this initiative.

Your benefits:

  • Support in the analysis of different machine processes to solve process-specific problems and thus increase performance

  • Active quality regulation and production control of your production facility to avoid cost-intensive production losses or warranty claims


Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance is an initiative that focuses specifically on customer benefit and offers professional support to help meet the challenges of Industry 4.0. By collaborating with like-minded companies in the industry and creating new synergies, members can accelerate their business growth, and drive and simplify the digitalization of operations.

Your benefits:

  • Support in developing your scalable solutions, suitable for both large and small businesses

  • Enabling of productive collaboration with business partners, operators, and service providers through centralized network and marketplace

  • Support at all levels: from small pilot projects to large-scale change processes


Bitkom – Germany's digital association

Bitkom, Germany’s digital association, is intensively involved in issues relating to digitalization in the business, social, and administrative sectors. This also includes further expanding general knowledge on digital issues. German Edge Cloud’s membership of the Bitkom Digital Association enables the constant sharing of knowledge in the IT corporate world – providers and users are in close contact.

Your benefits:

  • Continuous improvement at all levels through regular interaction, including with end users

  • Consistent awareness of the challenges of the market and thus the ability to act faster as a service provider


ZVEI: Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e. V.

The ZVEI is one of the most important industrial associations in Germany with around 1,600 member companies. It represents the interests of the high-tech industrial sector with a very broad and dynamic product portfolio. German Edge Cloud is an active member of the association and provides special support to the Automation and MES (manufacturing execution systems) working groups.

Your benefits:

  • Always up to date: sharing of experience and opinions on current technical, economic, legal, and socio-political issues in the electrical industry

  • Support in the creation of framework conditions and common platforms for the growth of the industrial sector in international competition


Cloud Ecosystem e.V. (Certified Cloud)

With the IaaS certificate, German Edge Cloud commits to complying with technical, contractual, and service-related cloud quality standards.

Your benefits:

  • Trustworthy infrastructure from German
Open Source Associations

OpenStack Public Cloud Passport

German Edge Cloud is an OpenStack Public Cloud Passport member; the program offers open source infrastructure as part of the world’s most comprehensive public cloud presence: 60 availability zones in 50 cities worldwide.

Your benefits:

  • Lower latencies thanks to geographical proximity

  • Easy geographical expansion of the cloud infrastructure for international expansion

Open Source Associations

Linux Foundation

As a member of the Linux Foundation, German Edge Cloud focuses on sustainable open source projects that accelerate technological developments and invests in the development of new technologies.

Your benefits:

  • Strong know-how transfer from the community into your project

  • Earlier identification and implementation of high-tech solutions


Cloud Services Made in Germany

German Edge Cloud is part of the Cloud Services Made in Germany initiative. Set up in 2010, it brings together cloud computing providers based in Germany with the sole aim of providing and advocating for more legal certainty in the use of cloud services.



TechQuartier offers access to a network of start-ups, companies, investors, talents, and mentors. With its numerous programs and events, TechQuartier aims to provide innovators with the tools and resources they need to change the world.

Your benefits:

  • Through German Edge Cloud’s membership, we can provide you with excellent ecosystem connectivity

  • German Edge Cloud knows the new business models and understands where the markets are heading


RIPE NCC Ripe Network Coordination Centre

RIPE is an independent, non-profit membership organization that supports Internet infrastructure through technical coordination in the service region. RIPE’s primary mission is to act as a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) to provide global internet resources and related services (IPv4, IPv6, and AS numbering resources) to members in the service region.

Your benefits:

  • Faster and better IP allocation


Helix Nebula

The Helix Nebula initiative is a partnership of various bodies from the industry, space, and science sectors aimed at building a dynamic ecosystem that benefits from open-cloud services for the seamless integration of science into a business environment. Alongside German Edge Cloud, the partnership includes over 40 public and private partners.

Your benefits:

  • The good feeling of having a cloud service provider who really loves and lives the next level


NTT innovation lab

German Edge Cloud has been a member of the e-shelter innovation lab from the very beginning.

The innovation lab was established to provide a platform for the development of new ideas and innovations and to implement and test them in the partner ecosystem using use cases.

Projects can be implemented by partners of the innovation lab as well as by interested parties and customers. Within the community, there are varied, lively exchanges of ideas to find up-to-date solutions for current customer needs.

Your benefits:

  • We’re always at the cutting edge of innovation

  • Regular sharing of ideas with other providers

  • Finding suitable partners for our network to further expand the added value for you


European Edge Computing Consortium (EECC)

The goal of the EECC is to establish a manufacturer-neutral, open, and international end-to-end computing ecosystem. The EECC also aims to minimize research and development effort by developing uniform technology stacks for edge computing solutions. This will rationalize preferred standards and thereby minimize the number of potential technology combinations.

Your benefits:

  • Sharing of knowledge in an international edge computing network – industry, initiatives, research

  • Current insights into future markets and technologies in order to possibly influence them through standardization


Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit

The Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit is an initiative founded by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The aim is to increase cyber security in Germany and to strengthen the country’s resistance to cyber attacks. The initiative is aimed at companies based in Germany and provides regular information on IT security measures and current threats to IT infrastructures. More than 4,100 companies and institutions currently belong to the initiative.

Your benefits:

  • Stay up to date with our expert knowledge and trust-based sharing of experience with BSI and the Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit partners

  • Exclusive opportunities for enhancing your cyber security expertise

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