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Whitepaper: The digital factory between edge and cloud computing – strategic considerations for industrial applications

The cloud forms the backbone of a digital neural system that spans the world. However, a network has not only a core, but also many edge areas. Edge computing stands for the idea of providing computing capacity near these edge areas of the network as an extension of the central cloud. The most important question here is whether edge computing is just an add-on to the very successful cloud concept or whether it completely changes the digital factory. This white paper examines the important key drivers around factory-based applications, conceptual implications, the relevant vendor landscape, and recommendations for meaningful vendor selection.


Infographic: The digital factory between edge and cloud computing

The following infographic provides a clear and summarized overview of the key facts and insights from the white paper. It takes a brief, concrete look and summarizes the driving forces around industry applications, the future outlook for cloud platforms, and the recommended criteria for vendor selection.

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