First step for change –
ONCITE Digital Production System

First step to the change –
ONCITE Digital Production System

A head start for your factory

The ONCITE Digital Production System offers fast, secure networking of your production, state-of-the-art data management and maximum production transparency. We combine intelligent production management with the possibilities of the IIoT – using the latest cloud and edge computing technologies.

Do you want to harness data from networked production environments in order to gain valuable insights and leverage optimisation potential? The ONCITE Digital Production System combines the aligned industrial software applications of the ONCITE Industrial Suite with the cloud and edge computing-based ONCITE Factory Edge, giving you access to numerous industrial IoT and MOM applications as well as a low-code platform for managing and monitoring your production – simple, needs-based, user-centric and cost-effective.

The ONCITE Digital Production System on the ONCITE Factory Edge also meets the increasingly important requirements of data security, superiority and sovereignty. It guarantees much shorter processing times for critical production data and processes, enabling production to be optimised in near real time.

ONCITE Industrial Suite

Software for production optimization and digitalization toward a Smart Factory.

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ONCITE Factory Edge

Edge systems in various performance classes.

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ONCITE Industrial Suite

Scalable storage and computing power on-premises in the following ONCITE expansion levels:

  • Gateway
  • Line
  • Plant
  • Enterprise

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ONCITE Factory Edge

The comprehensive software solution package with different applications:

  • smart MOM
  • Industrial IoT
  • Virtual Factory
  • Integration Services
  • Low-Code Framework

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ONCITE Digital Production System

The combination of industrial software applications (ONCITE Industrial Suite) and cloud- and edge-computing technologies (ONCITE Factory Edge).


Your route to the Smart Factory

ONCITE Digital Production System allows you to digitalise your value chain
and take the productivity of your production facility to a new level.

  • Rapidly acquire, process and harmonise production and process data
  • Generate valuable knowledge from all the data
  • Quickly create a high level of production transparency
  • Leverage optimisation potential
  • Increase efficiency/OEE in production
  • Improve product quality

ONCITE Digital Production System:
combines knowledge from multiple sectors

With the ONCITE Digital Production System, German Edge Cloud has consolidated its knowledge of industrial software and expertise in the IT, OT and IIoT/MOM sectors, and the latest cloud and edge computing technologies, in a single solution. Extensive experience in running projects and creating solutions to optimise and manage complex manufacturing processes is combined with domain knowledge of IIoT and edge computing.

Using the state-of-the-art ONCITE Factory Edge, you can digitalise and optimise production processes on site and make your factory employees’ daily routine significantly easier. You receive a cost-effective, comprehensive digital production system with customised software applications on exactly the right infrastructure you need to increase efficiency in your smart factory.  


 Your added value

All-in-one solution for a simple and cost-effective transition to the digitalisation of your factory

  • Hardware, infrastructure and industrial applications perfectly aligned in one system
  • Complex parametrisation and maintenance of heterogeneous solutions and infrastructures no longer necessary
  • Simple commissioning

Smart brownfield solution model

  • The ONCITE DPS solution concept adapts to the existing IT/OT infrastructures and heterogeneous system and device technologies in production (brownfield)
  • ONCITE Digital Production System integrates easily into existing infrastructures
  • Customised migration options for existing IT systems

Scalable system and applications for the flexible factory

  • Scalable solution for the demand-driven deployment of IIoT and MOM applications
  • Microservice-based, industrial software solutions for a variant-rich, flexible and adaptable production
  • Intelligent data management, digitalisation of data streams and processes as well as online production monitoring and management
  • Maximum security thanks to comprehensive data superiority and sovereignty
  • Increased production quality, reduced production costs, maximum transparency and visibility in production
  • Near real-time data processing

Manufacturing industry

Digitalisation offers major advantages for the manufacturing industry, which is characterised by its customer-centric approach, prompt reactions to changes and the cost-effective manufacture of a wide range of products. Advantages include horizontal and vertical networking as well as the gradual digitalisation of analogue processes and information flows. Effective production and process data management generates valuable knowledge that can be used to improve quality, optimise processes and create value.

Plant and mechanical engineering

Plant maintenance, operation and disposal make up about 90 per cent of life cycle costs, which is why digitalisation offers enormous potential for savings in plant and mechanical engineering. For example, manufacturers can transform their plants into small digital ecosystems using edge node technology, enabling them to introduce valuable IT services and use these as a basis for developing new business models.

Automotive and supplier industry

The automotive and supplier industry is undergoing a massive transformation. E-mobility, autonomous driving, connectivity and other trends are changing manufacturing requirements. In addition to new manufacturing conditions, strict quality guidelines and sustainability issues are also dominating the industry. Digitalisation is picking up speed, with suppliers now having to share their data with third parties, for example. Solutions for quality enhancement as well as for secure, standardised data transmission and maximum data sovereignty in accordance with Catena-X standards are therefore required.




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