First step to the change –
Technology platform for 
innovative industrial applications

First step to the change –
Technology platform for
innovative industrial applications

A head start for your factory

The ONCITE Digital Production System offers fast, secure networking of your production, state-of-the-art data management and maximum production transparency.

ONCITE DPS is the reference architecture for smart factories, having been purpose-developed and optimised for the use of IIoT-compatible devices, digitalisation and industrial application software in line with Industry 4.0 principles. It links the previously separate core components of digital production with a flexible microservices architecture: Agile production management with MES and MOM functions, Industrial IoT as the database and low-code development for simple app creation. All this plus edge computing for sovereign data processing. What’s more, ONCITE DPS is a highly relevant node (integration platform) within secure digital ecosystems (such as Catena-X).


Take a crucial step 
to achieving your competitive edge

Increase output

Establish intelligent processes for more efficiency and greater plant availability

Optimise quality

Ensure comprehensive production documentation

Avoid errors/downtime

Create production transparency and make fact-based decisions


Increase flexibility

Respond quickly to market changes with scalable and modular applications

Optimise intralogistics

Use integrated intralogistics for greater productivity and delivery reliability in your factory 

Fine-tune your data management

Manage data better and more securely


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Analyst recommendations, awards and certifications are a testimony to our innovativeness

“Best in Class”
by PAC Radar

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ONCITE DPS is the first
Catena-X-certified solution

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Winner of the category
“Industy 4.0 in Practice”

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Use our integral digitalisation and technology platform for industrial applications.

Want to harness data from networked production environments to gain valuable insights and leverage optimisation potential?

ONCITE DPS scores top marks in these areas:

  • standardised software applications
  • supports the development, execution and management of your own and third-party applications
  • IIoT-assisted production management for the extraction and analysis of production data
  • Open microservices architecture for rapid integration of new functions
  • Integration components (industry standards for rapid connection of equipment, devices and IT systems – OPC-UA, MQTT, Modbus, Automation ML, Kafka, CSV and many others).
  • One-stop low-code application development, IT/OT integration and API management

The result is a highly flexible reference architecture for smart manufacturing, comprised of a technology and digitalisation platform plus a host of services and bespoke, easy-to-integrate functions to boost the efficiency of your smart factory.  


Take shop floor process management and automation to a new level. 

Data collection and management allow you to exploit optimisation potential that was not visible before. 

Data collection and management allow you to exploit optimisation potential that was not visible before. Machines become more efficient, machine status can be monitored more comprehensively, and unplanned downtimes are avoided. Use the possibilities of the online validation of production and process data to significantly increase your product quality.

For example, increased transparency regarding your energy consumption helps you respond rapidly to events. By analysing complex production processes in quasi real time and making decisions on this basis, you can ramp up your productivity and energy efficiency.


Your route to the Smart Factory

ONCITE Digital Production System allows you to digitalise your value chain
and take the productivity of your production facility to a new level.

  • Rapidly acquire, process and harmonise production and process data
  • Generate valuable knowledge from all the data
  • Quickly create a high level of production transparency
  • Leverage optimisation potential
  • Increase efficiency/OEE in production
  • Improve product quality

Boost your productivity, agility and energy efficiency

Digitalise and optimise your on-site production processes to make life easier for your workforce!


Networking, digitalisation and effective production management

Maximum efficiency through data-driven production optimisation

With the services from the ONCITE Digital Production System, you ensure that you get the data workflows and processes digitized. At the same time, you obtain optimal transparency of your production. Based on a highly effective, qualified data pool and the resulting insights, you develop a rule-driven, intelligent and data-driven production management (Closed Loop Control). This enables you to optimize your production along the value chain.


ONCITE DPS – perfect for use in the brownfield

The cloud-native services of the ONCITE Digital Production System (DPS) help you meet your requirements as needed, particularly in established structures. We take into account the fact that many factories use existing IT solutions (such as MES) which work extremely well and should continue to be used. We also support you with an effective migration concept. On the one hand, this allows you to install the ONCITE solution concept alongside your existing IT/OT infrastructures and, on the other hand, to benefit from the advantages of the ONCITE DPS as you go.


  • ONCITE DPS in coexistence with MES
  • Mixed operation on the edge and cloud possible
  • Step-by-step migration of customer MES to the ONCITE DPS technology platform possible

Low Code Development

  • Digitisation of customer-specific processes (not in the core MES). Low Code Editor accelerates the transformation of new processes
  • Fast shop floor networking via industry standards

ONCITE DPS Smart Factory Apps & Virtual Factory

  • Customised user-centred solutions
  • Near real-time data processing
  • Virtualisation of the real factory (digital twin)
  • Data Driven Automation



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German Edge Cloud (GEC) is cooperating with Schuler, a machine and plant building company. In this context, Schuler is offering a track-and-trace solution for press plants within the Digital Suite...


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