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Where industry and IT grow ever closer together, Rittal supplies your ideal solution. Irrespective of the branch in which you are active or the challenges you currently face: With our globally available system solutions, we offer know-how, ultimate quality and future-proof products. In all our efforts, the focus lies on providing optimal support for your value chains and processes – with needs-based, scalable and efficient solutions geared to your success.


ONCITE is a cloud-native, highly scalable technology and infrastructure platform. It can be deployed on the edge as well as on the cloud and allows the flexible integration of other cloud platforms (distributed cloud management) for tailored hybrid and multi cloud scenarios. The underlying framework is a platform-independent Kubernetes-based architecture (IaaS), plus PaaS and an Operation Center. In combination with an equally scalable hardware/software infrastructure (SaaS), as well as an industrial IoT stack, ONCITE is the basis for our industrial edge appliance “ONCITE INDUSTRIAL”.

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ONCITE powered by IBM

With “ONCITE powered by IBM”, German Edge Cloud and IBM solve the digitalization requirements of the manufacturing industry by providing relevant shop floor functions as an all-in-one hybrid cloud solution – with guaranteed data sovereignty. The fast and simple implementation of data-driven shop floor applications with data sovereignty is currently one of the greatest challenges in the manufacturing industry.

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GEC IIoT Platform

The GEC IIoT platform provides everything you need for your Smart Factory, including customized managed GEC platform services as well as tailored industrial applications, and an optimized cloud-based IIoT stack. ONCITE enables data integration, aggregation, harmonization, analysis, and visualization and forms the basis for data-driven production optimization (data-driven automation).

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smart MOM

Smart holistic manufacturing management.

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) consolidates all production processes or systems for managing manufacturing processes to increase efficiency. The Smart MOM solutions from German Edge Cloud comprise various services and enable holistic manufacturing management. This includes, for example, the administration of manufacturing processes including specific production rules, parts lists, recipe data, resource management, and much more.

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Industrial Analytics

German Edge Cloud’s software solution provides a kit for faster troubleshooting that enables the continuous recording, analysis, and evaluation of status, master, and process data. AI-based data analytics includes both streaming and batch analysis for the detection of anomalies and known error patterns as well as intelligent visualization through the virtual factory.

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VM as a Service

Infrastructure from the cloud for any size of company.

Together with you, our experts design your virtual environments. You are free to decide which of your virtual machines and workloads should be operated in GEC's own data centres in Germany or in the public clouds of AWS and Azure.

With our self-hosted "VM as a Service" portfolio, you have the choice between virtualisation based on VMware or virtualisation based on OpenStack.

GEC Kubernetes Service

Managed Kubernetes as a Service.

The GEC Kubernetes Service provides the solution for these requirements: Our experts take the complex work off your hands, so that the advantages on the developer side can be used without delay. There is also an outstanding depth of integration: From public cloud to private bare-metal Kubernetes to edge deployments, German Edge Cloud integrates and standardizes everything.

Middleware & Database Services

German Edge Cloud Managed Middleware & Database Services. More time for the essentials.

With German Edge Cloud, you decide whether you want our experts to manage a service or a full platform for you. For example, if you want to operate a website, we provide you with a web server, database, fileshare, and proxy – as single instances or as a cluster.

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