The future of app building

The future of app building


Don’t program, configure!

A company’s IT/OT infastructures must be designed for composable architecture to ensure its future viability in the age of IoT. This composability facilitates rapid transformation, agility and maximum resilience.

The ONCITE Digital Production System makes life easy by uniting the platform and application functionality in a single edge- and cloud-based solution. It achieves this by delivering selected MES, IIoT and MOM functions on an integrated architecture, combined with state-of-the-art, low-code application development. The software services can be used parallel to existing IT/OT infrastructures and in a range of different environments. This allows you to compose bespoke solutions without any programming knowledge.

Just imagine being able to create or use apps without having to write a single line of code. Rather than worrying about complex syntax or debugging, you can focus on what’s really important: the functionality and benefits of your apps. What’s more, you can also generate customer-specific user interfaces in just a few clicks.


Your benefits and added value

  • Easy to use, even for non-specialists
  • Generate apps and specific user interfaces without an in-depth knowledge of programming.
  • Rapid adaptability and scalability of applications
  • Extensive integration of third-party services
  • Introduce and implement innovations more rapidly


Low Code Development (I)

Low Code Editor

Processes digitalize without programming

Harmonise your existing IT systems and boost their flexibility. This is easily achieved with the Low Code Editor in the Low Code Development Service of the ONCITE Digital Production System. The graphical user interface allows you to digitalize processes and data flows without programming. The model-based low-code technique also supports the integration of systems, devices and machines. You will be able to respond rapidly and flexibly to any future changes, develop standard workflows via BPMN 2.0 and execute them immediately. 

Use the standardised software modules and pre-developed processes for new, user-centric tasks. It’s never been easier: Develop at breathtaking speed with our drag & drop processes, and check immediately for functionality with the built-in debugger.

Agile – flexible – fast – error-free

Processes may be executed manually, or on a time-controlled or event-driven basis

  • Enjoy access to countless industry standards
  • Also suitable for use with ETL tasks
  • Includes a built-in debugger
  • Graphically transform your data model


Low Code Development (II)

IoT connectivity

Driving the digital transformation

In future, all units such as machines, IoT devices and IT systems will be interlinked in a single, smart production system. A modern composable application and IIoT technology platform like the one provided bz the ONCITE Digital Production System is pivotal to the digital transformation. It features all the relevant industry standards (such as MQTT, OPC-UA, Modbus, Kafka etc.) as well as the necessary adaptors for integration into existing IT/OT systems. The Low Code Editor allows you to precisely digitalize data flows and processes, harmonise data and prepare it for subsequent processing.

Integration (machines, systems, devices, IT/OT systems)

  • API management
  • Process automation/digitalization
  • Application development
  • Low Code Editor

Smart Factory Apps

Easy integration of software services for demand-driven and cost-effective production optimization.

Virtual Factory

The digital production twin - allowing manufacturing companies to be more adaptable and efficient.


Energy Management

Transparent analysis and tracking of energy consumption in manufacturing - for improved efficiency and more sustainability.

Industrial IoT

Keeping track of production processes thanks to consolidated data - for more insights and fact-based decisions.





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