Cloud-native technologies –
the next level.

Cloud-native technologies –
the next level.

Cloud Automation: Cloud Platforms as a Service

German Edge Cloud offers you the freedom of choice that comes with a diversified cloud strategy. Choose from a variety of standardized IaaS and PaaS solutions according to your needs: everything from hosted VMs to fully automated PaaS services for your application scenarios. You benefit from our comprehensive expertise in consulting as well as in setting up and running solutions for the manufacturing, fintech and banking industries.


We support you in setting up both complete cloud solutions and individual cloud services quickly and easily. For this purpose, we identify the individual areas that are particularly suitable for outsourcing to the cloud and show you the benefits of doing so. As a provider with a German location, we guarantee security at all levels and professional German-language support.

Virtual Hybrid Cloud


VM as a Service

Run your virtualized machines from our cloud-enabled edge data center or from our core data centers in Germany.

Container as a Service

Easily deploy your containerized applications on a high-performance, managed infrastructure and benefit from 24/7 availability and support.

Analytics Platform

Create and execute complex, language-independent analytics workflows with easy-to-use solutions.

Digital Workplace

Secure remote working made easy! We provide you with an individual, digital cloud workstation, including all the data and programs that your employees need.


Operations Center

With the GEC Operations Center as a fully managed software, controlling your cloud or edge infrastructure centrally is easy.

Middleware Services

Take advantage of our broad portfolio of middleware services or bring your own.

Database Services

Store your data securely and choose from a wide range of database systems.



Your benefits:

  • Support for cloud automation or cloudification of existing software applications
  • Cloud migrations (incl. applications, server infrastructure, IT landscapes)
  • Secure and agile transition from internal IT to a cloud infrastructure
  • Access to the latest cloud technologies
  • Comprehensive managed services for your new cloud environment
  • Comprehensive advice and analysis of your existing IT infrastructure (IT landscape)
  • Cloud potential analysis to identify optimization and improvement potential for the company
  • Cloud architecture analysis: what does your specific cloud architecture look like and what advantages does it have for your applications?
  • Relief for your IT department
  • Personal service

Cloud consulting: IT architecture advice and consolidated expertise.

German Edge Cloud offers you comprehensive cloud solutions from IaaS to PaaS.


We provide everything from a single source: from the new cloud architecture to the implementation of new technologies such as Kubernetes and the completely new structure of the processes.


General Cloud Automation Platform Contract Terms

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